[alberg30] Please be careful

George Dinwiddie gdinwiddie at min.net
Mon Dec 27 07:01:05 PST 1999

From: George Dinwiddie <gdinwiddie at min.net>

I have just noticed that on December 19, there was a message
purportedly from the alberg30 at onelist.com mailing list with
the subject "RE: [alberg30] Documentation ?"  This message
was NOT from the mailing list.  It was from a domain named
"cland.net" and had forged email header to make it appear
that it was from the onelist.  I apologize if any of the
rest of you received this message, also.  I only now noticed
it because it did not make it through my automatic spam 
filter, which I generally check every few weeks for the
occasional legitimate message that gets caught by mistake.

This email had a file named "irngiant.exe" attached to it.
I'm sure you're all aware that it is dangerous to execute
programs of unknown origin.  Email has become a major means 
of distributing viruses and other damaging programs.  Please
take precautions.
  1. Do not execute any program you receive in email unless
you are absolutely certain that it's from a person you trust.
Just the fact that it's from that person's email address is
no longer sufficient.
  2. Data files, such as pictures, are generally safe to open,
but with certain "features" of Microsoft Windows and other
programs, it may be possible to make executable programs 
masquerade as harmless data.  This was the technique used by
the famous "Melissa" virus.  Don't open attachments by "clicking"
on them with the mouse.  Instead, open a program suitable for
viewing the attachment and then use that program to open the
attachment.  It may be possible to drag the attachment to the
other program or you may need to save the attachment to a file
and then use "file open" in the viewing program.
  3. Do not allow your email program to automatically run
scripts or macros contained in email.

This is a dangerous world we live in.  The electronic age has
created tremendous conveniences for us, but it has also opened
up the same conveniences for those who would take advantage of
us.  Please be careful, and if you receive any suspicious messages
on this list, please let me know.

 - George Dinwiddie

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