[alberg30] Dream come True

bydel at aol.com bydel at aol.com
Mon Dec 27 16:34:57 PST 1999

From: bydel at aol.com

Just before christmas I sent in a deposit to purchase hull #441 
currently located in Annapolis. I have been dreaming about boats 
and sailing for many years. I did a lot of sailing in high school 
and college but not since. ( and that is more years then I care admit )
 Well, I have finished paying for college and weddings and it is time to 
get back on the water. I plan to move the Alberg to Charleston,SC and
 am looking forward to tinkering and getting the feel for being under 
I will most likely ask you all too many basic questions, but when you 
start from ground zero then everything is a learning curve. Thank you 
in advance for your advice.   Could you tell me the heighth of the mast 
from the water with the antenna attached? 

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