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>Last year at the Annual Dinner I told you about Norseman Marine in Ft Lauderdale Fla.

I've never had the pleasure of meeting you (never been to an annual dinner), you're probably thinking of another "Guy". 

Anyhow thanks for your input on Norsemans. I've been looking at Sta-Lok turnbuckles as well but they seem to be about 20 % more expensive than Norsemans. I prefer the Norseman method of attaching the turnbuckle to the toggle (the lower stud has an eye through which a pin runs through to attach it to the toggle) whereas the Sta-Lok's lower stud is threaded into the pin that attaches it to the toggle. Seem the Norseman method is more secure. But on the other hand both are approved by Lloyd's Register.

Guy. (the other "Guy")
Cyrena #466

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  Guy, ya slimy bilge rat - just kidding. ; ) 
  Last year at the Annual Dinner I told you about Norseman Marine in Ft Lauderdale Fla. 
  They are the one's who import them from "back 'ome." 
  Dealt with them and no problem. 
  Can't speak for the Annapolis Company though, never dealt with 'em. 
  Norsemans are great though, Sunstone's whole rig was replaced with them 5 years ago in Dyform 316 wire and Norsemans. 
  With fresh cones you'll never have to replace them and don't get discouraged, the first takes the longest, afterwards you'll end up doing an end in 10 minutes including the coffee break. 
  See you at the AGM in January 2000, 
  Guy Lalonde wrote: 

    I'm considering buying some Norseman turnbuckles to replace my old ones. However I'm having a hard time finding a source for them up here in Canada. I found an internet site in the US called Performance Yacht Systems, http://www.pyacht.com/welcome.html , based in Annapolis, who carry Norsemans. They claim to be " your internet source for hard to find sailing gear, offered at discount prices". Has anyone on this list ever heard of them or dealt with them ?  Good experience or bad experience ? Any help would be appreciated. Thanks. GuyCyrena #466 
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