[alberg30] Permanent Moorings

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I've installed moorings at my old sailing club in Toronto.   We used
concrete slabs with the ring connected to rebar.  Dimensions were two feet
thick and four feet square.   Once they sunk into the mud, they were
immovable.    We used 1/2" chain to a buoy, and two 5/8" nylon pendants to
the boat.


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> I have berthed my boat at one of our municpal marinas but due to several
> factors am contemplating putting a (free) permanent mooring in our lower
> harbor.  We have two harbors and the one I'm in is suffering from low
> levels.  Most of the lakes are down from recent water levels, and although
> Superior is about even with last year's level, there is no snow pack left
> the basin and projections are for the water to go south before the season
> over.  I'm also a victim of a very anti-boater city manager who wants to
> continue to raise mooring fees to "market rates".  I keep telling him that
> our one harbor only has 60% occupancy so obviously, he has already
> "market rates".
> Never-the-less, I would like to know if anyone has installed their own
> permanent mooring and if so, what kind and size mushroom anchor, size of
> chain, etc.  Any words of wisdom is welcome.
> Brian Zinser
> Manana #134
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