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Bob Lincoln lincoln at cc.umanitoba.ca
Sat Apr 29 20:25:06 PDT 2000

	I think we should not gripe about the bestness of the different
mags.  Having spent 30 years buying books and magazines there
are lots of issues to consider when debunking any rag.  Yes, I
have purchased Practical Boat Owner and Practical Sailor and
Good Old Boat.  I imagine that others will appear.  Try writing
to the advertisers about their products.  That will surprise
you, both good and poor.  Look at it this way.  All of the
magazines open the doors to experience that you will never
totally encounter.  In that respect, they are like all
literature. I never bitch about money.  Yes, I have been foolish
with it, esp. when not haggling over an Alberg 30.  My wife has
reminded me often of this. Look at it differently.  We in the
west are very well off compared to our friends in say, Panama,
or New Delhi.  
	And don't forget the older literature, the pilots and sailing
directions.  There is always something to learn.
Bob Lincoln
Indigo #590
(and the ice is off the lake!)  

sandersm at aol.com wrote:
> In a message dated 4/28/00 10:22:47 PM, alberg30 at interactive.net writes:
> >I am not a fan of Good Old Boat , especially at $7 an issue and $39
> >(??!) a year. I actually think Practical Boat Owner (imported from
> >England) and Classic Boat (Imported from England/Holland) are cheaper
> >per issue than Good Old Boat.
> I think your criticisms of Good Old Boat are fair -- and I find the name
> alone rather cloying.  At least they didn't name it Ye Olde Shippe.  In
> fairness, though, I am giving them a chance, to see how they mature from
> their start-up phase.
> Do you have contact information for Practical Boat Owner?
> Sanders.
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