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<< e you seem to know about the pendant lines, or bowlines, I have a
 question.  The foredeck cleat on my Pearson Commander (aka Alberg
 25'-7") is an 8" cleat.  My new Yale pendants have a 12" eye.  Where do
 I stand?  New cleat?  Safety line over them?  The old ones may have been
 10" eyes, but I have not measured them.
 --  >>
Hey David,
The old eye splices probably were 10". If the 12" eyes are in brand new rope, 
and the rope was not put into boiling water after the splices were put in, 
then they have some room to shrink.  Who would think nylon line has to be put 
into hot water to shrink it after splicing? I was surprised too, when a 
friend of mine who works in a boatyard told me of this.Either put them in 
boiling water for a minute or two yourself, and see if they shrink, or watch 
them over the season, and see if they shrink.  Even if 12 inches is their 
final size, use a good 5/16's double braid line like sta set as your saftey 
line,  tie it to the bowline eye, and then after the mooring eye is passed 
over the aft horn of the cleat, secure the saftey line with figure 8's across 
the horns, and turns around the outside of the eye, on the forward horn and 
aft horn, with these turns going athwartships, to make sure the mooring eye  
doesn't work itself off with the natural motion of the boat.  I've seen it 
happen-don't take any chances!!
If the shackle that is attached to the mushroom is badly rusted and worn, 
then I wouldn't trust the swivel, either. I even wonder how they can be 
strong enough when brand new, if you look at the actual amount of metal that 
holds the bolt and nut from one piece in place through the hole in the second 
piece!! But obviously, if you use a new mooring chain swivel of the proper 
size, and replace them when they start to wear, you will be fine.
Hope this helps,
Stargazer #255

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