[alberg30] Boat Wanted / Recognize this transom?

Chester and Jan Koop cjk at tir.com
Sun Apr 30 16:56:02 PDT 2000

Can not tell the year of construction from the picture alone, however, it
was build before 1970.  I own hull #445 which was built in 1970 (although my
state registration list it as a 1972).  A couple of item indicate that the
one pictured in your e-mail is of an "old version" Alberg 30.  I say this
somewhat lightheartedly because there is little difference (of significance)
between the "old" and "new" versions.  Some of the changes  which occurred
at around hull # 400 or so are; 1) hull to deck joint (eliminated all that
teak on the stern), 2) molded in winch pads, and 3) elimination of the
cockpit icebox access.  There may be some others but these are the ones that
quickely come to mind.

When Whitby built these boats there was a rectangleular (approx. 1.5" x
2.5") aluminum plate screwed to the outside of doghouse bulkhead just under
the companionway and ahead of the compass well.  Engraved on this were seven
digits; the first two represent the year built (65 for 1965 etc.), the
second two (30) for the length of the boat (I may have the sequence
reversed) and the last three, the hull number. Many boats have been lost
these Id plaques over the years. Hope this is of assistance.

Chet Koop
Tanagroa #445

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> I'm starting to look for an Alberg 30 to buy. This is a challenge on the
> west coast as most of the boats seem to be in the midwest or east. I'd
> appreciate any leads other than what is already posted.
> Attached is a picture of one for sale. I don't know the hull number. The
> transom on this boat is new to me. Does anyone recognize it - have any
> information regarding it? It was supposed to be manufactured in 1965.
> Thanks and regards,
> Dan Pinson
> Oregon
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