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Peter Amos P.A.Amos at tesco.net
Sun Jan 16 20:28:01 PST 2000

From: "Peter Amos" <P.A.Amos at tesco.net>

Guy, it sounds as though you have the right combination, do you know what the recommended cruising rev's range is for your Volvo? For the Westerbeke it is  2600 to 3300 with a max of 3600.I dont have a problem with running at 3000+ revs,I just think I should be getting a better speed through the water.
Steve and Chris, I agree about the 12x8 prop being for a gas engine, it was probably the A4 prop and not replaced with the change to the diesel .Not so sure though about your comment on the reduction gear,it comes as standard with the Westerbeke M320B diesel and Guy's 18hp Volvo 2002 also has it which would seem to confirm that it is O.K.
Would a 2 cylinder 18hp diesel turn at the same revs as a 3cylinder 18hp diesel to produce the same hp? The more I get into this 
hp/prop/speed subject the more confused I get. 

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