[alberg30] small traditional day cruiser

Scott Wallace tristan at one.net
Mon Jan 31 18:35:48 PST 2000

From: Scott Wallace <tristan at one.net>


I have a Bluenose 24, it is indeed designed by William Roue,
who designed the world champion schooner, Bluenose, which
sank off of Haiti in 1946 after the mighty champion of
Canada was sold off after Captain Angus Walters couldn't
afford to keep her anymore!  The Bluenose 24 was designed as
a daysailer club racer for the Chester Yacht Club of
Chester, Nova Scotia, on the South Shore.  George McVay,
father of William McVay of the Victoria 18 fame, built the
fiberglass Bluenose sloops on a mold made off of one of the
best wooden Bluenose champion racers!  McVay built these
boats in Mahone Bay, once a thriving boat building center
South of Halifax.  Many great barkentines, barks and
brigantines as well as a zillion schooners were all made
here.  McVay was probably the last commercial builder
there.  I have a Bluenose 24, HELLDIVER, for sale...it is in
Mentor, Ohio on the shores of Lake Erie...they are a
beautful boat and one that Alberg would have certainly
approved!  It has a full keel with mild cutaway, spoon bow
upswept and a beautiful stern that finishes out the lines.
It is a teal blue gelcoat, with white cabin top and molded
tan decks...the original wooden ones were an open daysailer
while the McVay versions provide a little cuddy cabin big
enough to camp two out for sleep, hold a porty potty and
cooler and the sails!  It has bronze ports and teak trim
with louvered doors to the cuddy cabin.  It also has a
British seagull motor and an old trailer with a huge
relatively new wooden cradle atop!

Scott Wallace

John Birch wrote:

> From: John Birch <Sunstone at idirect.com>
> Sanders
> Another pretty classic is the Bluenose Class, cuddy cabin,
> narrow beam, full keel sloop with spoon bow and counter
> stern. At 23' LOA, large cockpit, daysailer and
> overnighter about $4000 CDN for a used model, made at
> Mahone Bay, Nova Scotia, Canada to a design by Roue I
> believe.
> Worth a look if you are an Alberg Lover but looking to
> down size. Or an Alberg 22?
> John
> SandersM at aol.com wrote:
>> From: SandersM at aol.com
>> In a message dated 1/31/00 6:02:11 AM, RABBIT649 at aol.com
>> writes:
>> >    What's out there in traditional hulls from 20-28'
>> with a big cockpit
>> >and  little or no cabin, for weekending and gunkholing
>> a big bay?
>> Oh gosh, that depends.  I spent an awful lot of time
>> thinking about just the
>> sort of boat you're looking for before before I bought
>> my A30, so I have no
>> lack of ideas on the subject.  Since it takes us away
>> from A30s, we can take
>> the discussion off-list if others find it
>> objectionable.  But since you asked
>> ....
>> If you're willing to shoulder the added cost and work of
>> a wooden boat -- and
>> it's not monumental when you get down to boats in this
>> range -- then there
>> are a vast array of options.  Two easy ways to explore
>> the wooden boat
>> market:  (1) WoodenBoat magazine, and (2) the Cannell,
>> Page & Payne brokerage
>> up in Camden, Maine.   One object of my boatlust is
>> called a Laurinkoster, a
>> 28-foot double-ended sloop from Sweden.  Gray & Gray
>> (York, ME)  has one
>> listed at $24k, and the listing and a drool-provoking
>> photograph is posted
>> online at
>> http://ww
>> 2.yachtworld.com/boats/view_result.cgi?boat_id=29083&units=&listing_
>> id=1572&page=broker
>> Another beauty is the Alerion-class sloop designed by
>> Nat Herreshoff.  It's a
>> 26-footer with a small cuddy cabin, very sweet lines.
>> The originals were
>> built in wood and gaff-rigged, but forget about them.
>> For a while in the
>> early 1980s, they were built cold-molded out on Martha's
>> Vineyard by a place
>> called Sanford Boats with a masthead rig; the boats
>> combined the beauty of
>> wood with the maintenance characteristics of a glass
>> boat.  Jimmy Buffett
>> owned one, called Savannah Jane.  More recently, Gary
>> Hoyt has tried to
>> reproduce the design in fibreglass, with mixed success.
>> They are pretty, but
>> I've heard that Tillotson-Pearson has skimped on the
>> construction.
>> Another very pretty boat in this class is called a
>> Sakonnet 23, built by Edey
>> & Duff, the smae people who built the Crockett-designed
>> the Stone Horse in
>> glass.  The Sakonnet  is currently in production; it's
>> another canoe-stern
>> sloop, no cabin, strictly a daysailor/gunkholer, draws
>> less than 2 feet with
>> the board up, very pretty, but not cheap.  I don't know
>> if there are any in
>> brokerage yet, but Edey & Duff would be a good place to
>> start.  You can see
>> the boat and the usual propaganda at this URL:
>> http://www.by-the-sea.com/edey&duff/edsakon.html
>> Okay, now, if money's not an object, I've saved the best
>> for last.  There is
>> a French builder of several traditional French boats in
>> this range that are
>> just exquisite:  A 23-foot daysailor called Tofinou, and
>> a 26-footer with a
>> small cabin called Tadorne.  You can see them at
>> http://www.classic-boats.com/
>> Price?  As J.P. Morgan once replied in response to a
>> query as to the asking
>> price of his yacht:  "If you have to ask, you can't
>> afford it."
>> Okay, I could run on forever on this subject, and I
>> apologize for doing so
>> for the third time in three days.  I should probably get
>> back to my day job
>> now.
>> Sanders.
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