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Wed Dec 26 14:37:00 PST 2001

In the two summers I have sailed my A30 I have focused on things other than tuning and shroud tension.  I have sailed with a straight up mast, "tight" uppers and slightly "looser" lowers.  I am speaking "loosely" of course.  I have managed to maintain a helm that is nicely balanced when even heeled and turns strongly to windward when healing angle is increased.  And I am naturally happy with these results.

Sometimes when sailing to windward I feel I am not performing as well as I should, not pointing as high nor making the speed I should.  My main sail seems very full also, too full--slot choking full, as if it were cut for a mast with some fore aft pre-bend tuned into it.  Sailing with a relatively less experienced crew (my wife) and without another A30 as a pace boat, it has been difficult to answer my own performance questions.  (My sails aren't brand new nor are they blown out--at least from a non-top-of-the-fleet racing point of view).

What I'd like to know is whether a straight mast is the standard.  Or is it common for A30s to tune the mast with a small 4"-6" fore-aft prebend in it, as I often see in other keelboats.  Second what range of tensions are common among racers and cruisers. I don't have, nor do I plan to get soon, an adjustable backstay.  If anyone has any thoughts to offer on these questions I'd appreciate it. (Also I have an older boat, #88, and have already had my mast beam reinforced.  While I'm not looking to drive the mast down through the deck, I don't think planning my sailing around a weakness that can be repaired if it reappears is this way to go either.)

I think I saw some time back an informal survey complied by Mike Lehman of various boat's shroud tension(s).  I can't find this anywhere in the archive.  Does anyone remember when or where this information is archived? Or Mike do you still have this info?  In a form that can be posted?


John Grathwol
Dovekei #88
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