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George Dinwiddie gdinwiddie at min.net
Tue Dec 18 07:43:37 PST 2001

Adding to Michael and Bob's comments, I agree that a 1/2" bronze bolt
is the right replacement for the pin.  Whitby used a number of 
different construction techniques over the years, however.  Not
all boats are the same and it leads to confusion.

On some earlier boats, apparently, the original construction used
a threaded rod or headless bolt for the pin.  On my boat, #543,
however, the lower rudder stock was a 1" bronze rod that had been
milled down to 1/2" for the pin.  Further, the lower rudder stock
did not look like a high-quality marine bronze, but had a yellow
brassy look.  At the pin end (the pin was completely gone) it
looked like a pink sponge of copper.  I removed the whole thing
and had it trimmed to better metal and then drilled and tapped.
This was done on a lathe.  If you're going to follow Bob Chamber's
recommendation (not a bad one if the metal looks in good shape),
the difficulty is going to be drilling the hole straight.  You
don't want the pin off-center or crooked.  Extra care is warranted

As for attaching the rudder shoe, Bruce Rankin recommended bedding
it in 3M 5200.  Later, when you need to remove it, just heat the
shoe with a propane torch and the 5200 will soften.  Until then,
it's highly unlikely to come off.

If you have lost a rudder shoe, or yours is in bad shape, contact
Phil Beigel (he's in the book, but not on the mailing list).  He
had a few cast a couple years ago.

 - George

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