[Alberg30] Cockpit sole hatches? + Read Raban

George Dinwiddie gdinwiddie at min.net
Sun Mar 10 19:59:19 PST 2002

Randy Katz wrote:
>     Another query here-- has anyone installed the plastic hatches in their
> cockpit floors in order to achieve somewhat easier access to the internal
> works of said A30 vessels?

Some have done so, but it's not in my heart to make such a change.
I'll tell you, it made my heart do the macarena when I took the 
skil-saw to the cockpit sole a few years back.  The only thing that
steadied my hand was knowing she needed to have the coring replaced
and would be stronger than ever when I was done.  I almost wish I
hadn't put the inspection plate back in.

I'm not sure what you're trying to reach.  I got access to the 
rudder post stuffing box by making the aft end of the port 
cockpit locker removeable.  I've considered making a removeable
panel in the forward end of the starboard cockpit locker for
access to the water pump and back of the engine.  But there's
so much stuff in there that I continue to put a piece of 4inch
foam on top of the engine and climb over the top.

 - George

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