[Alberg30] Nova Scotia to Bermuda?

John Birch Sunstone at cogeco.ca
Tue Mar 12 12:41:25 PST 2002


According to Jimmy Cornell's World Cruising Routes your schedule is good but
the window is narrow - particularly offshore End of Oct as long as you have
a good forecast. Cornell's routes are from NY and he says November (so end
of Oct from Halifax) - good all the way to Cape Town ; )

Make sure the mast beam is good, the chainplates bolts have been upgraded
(upper's and lowers), engine mounts are solid, the rudder bearing is good
and you have a spare tiller and fitting - sounds like you've already done
the homework. Sure there will be much to check out, maybe storm covers for
the big deadlights - your plan sounds reasonable.

Best of luck,


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> >>  Hi Folks,
> >>      I have been dreaming of sailing my A30, hull #322, to the
> >>  and it looks like the dream may actually come true next winter.
> >>      I am near Morrisburg, Ontario, on the St Lawrence River, and had
> >>  always envisioned a trip down Lake Champlain, thence to New York, and
> >>  then into the Carribean by one of many possible routes (including
> >>  Bermuda).
> >>      I have only recently wondered what it might be like to sail out
> >>  St Lawrence, past PEI, and depart North America from Halifax, Nova
> >>  Scotia, bound for Bermuda.  I would be starting out at the end of
> >>  and probably leaving Halifax by end of Oct.  I certainly realize some
> >>  the problems - fighting the Gulf Stream, possibility of late
> >>  possibility of Northerlies against the Gulf stream, fog, cold.
> >>      Does anyone know if  those concerns are absolute show-stoppers
> >>  no-one in their right mind would tackle, or if they just present a
> >>  reasonable risk?  Has anyone out there ever done that route
> >>  or know anyone who has?  Could I consider hugging the coast out of
> >>  Halifax, down as far as New York?
> >>      Hopefully, not sounding too crazy,
> >>  Dan Morley
> >>

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