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Horton, Ross G. rhorton at pwcgov.org
Thu Sep 11 09:35:26 PDT 2003

My Alberg's name was Delphi when I bought her and I kept it.  Obviously
the name is in reference to the Greek oracle that foretold the future,
often in ways that were usually obscure and sometimes unwelcome.  The
oracle, however, always revealed the truth.  I decided to keep the name
for a couple of reasons.  First, there are few things better than a boat
that reveals the true character of the people they touch.  A small boat
in bad weather or difficult situations (hot, cold, flat calm, stormy,
wavy, buggy, thirsty, last in fleet, spinnaker wrap, etc.) tells me an
awful lot about myself and anyone who sails with me.  Second, I am a
lawyer and I often reveal the truth in ways that are obscure and
sometimes unwelcome.
As a former Pittsburgher, I am intrigued with your plan to sail an
Alberg in the city.  My boat is currently at Quantico on the Potomac
which though wider than the three rivers is still rather linier at
times.  It does, however, teach one to tack smartly.  If you are going
to keep the boat in Pittsburgh for a while you may wish to consider a
name connected to that venue.  While the sports teams obviously are a
fertile field, the city is also known for its penchant for liquid
refreshment.  A name like "Frothingslosh"  (the pale stale ale with the
foam on the bottom) would be appreciated by all the natives who have
reached a certain age.
Ross Horton
Delphi #40 
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