[Public-list] Universals & Racor

Randy Katz randyk at bertschi.org
Tue Jun 1 16:07:37 PDT 2004

Well, here's what a little phone calling around yields:

    *  Neither of the 2 Universal distributors I called knew for sure how
many microns the spin on fuel filters on the engine are.  One person thought
2 or 4, another said they must be around 5 microns.  How to find out for
sure?  "I don't know."
    *  One fellow, with the same engine on his boat, made a recommendation.
He says use the 2 micron Racor and Bio-bor.  The Bio-bor kills molds and
microbes which can gum up the filters.   Change the Racor every two years,
the spin-on every year, and you'll be fine.  This is what he's been doing on
his boat for years.
    The reason for the 2 mic Racor is to keep any junk at all from getting

    As with so many of these things, there's a variety of opinions and,
apparently, no definitive or "correct" answer.  It's experience that will
tell the tale, but in lieu of that, going with someone else's experience
will have to do.  For now.  Again.

Randy Katz

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