[Public-list] water tank ... baffles?

Tom Sutherland sutherlandt at prodigy.net
Tue Jun 15 06:00:54 PDT 2004

I believe it might it be a good idea to install baffles inside the water
tank while the lid is being replaced. This not only would give
additional support to the lid helping to reduce flex but would also help
prevent a half full water tank from slopping about in a seaway. I
suggest you make previsions for the water to be able to move freely from
the divided sections of the tank.

Tom S
A30  412

Mike Lehman wrote:
> Harlan,
> You tank, as George mentioned, has an aluminum cover and the rest of the
> tank is part of the inner liner of the boat. The aluminum cover is fastened
> with aluminum pop rivets. Remove the top of the tank and use it as a pattern
> to cut out a new top. I used a sheet of G10 epoxy which I purchased at
> Piedmont Plastics. www.piedmontplastics.com I laid the old tank cover on the
> new sheet and spray painted around the edge to get the shape and hole
> positions. I cut the new sheet out, drilled the holes and installed it with
> a liberal amount of 3M 5200. Finally I secured the new top with SS sheet
> metal screws. I did this project about 10+ years ago and I do not have any
> more stuff floating in my coffee in the morning any more. It is a permanent
> fix and an upgrade to the original method.
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> > Hi All,
> > My water tank (I believe it's original equipment) appears to be
> > leaking due to corrosion; the water towards the bottom was rusty
> > w/metal flakes.  Has anybody had experience with cutting away the
> > top of the metal tank and inserting a (Plastimo) Flexible Water Tank
> > inside it?  Would the flexible tank move around too much inside the
> > fixed tank so as to abrade away or to break hose connections?  If
> > so, what's the best way to secure it?  Any alternatives to this kind
> > of fix?  I'd like to avoid the expense and losing more space involved
> > in completely removing the old tank.
> > Thanks,
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