[Public-list] Fuel filter

Bill Ydel bill at ydelco.com
Mon Nov 22 12:22:10 PST 2004

A question for those of you who still have a atomic 4. What type of fuel
filter do you have installed. I think that I have a fuel problem, not enough
usage of the boat. I was sailing on Saturday and on the trip back to the
Marina (motoring about 1 Mile) the engine started to run very rough, it got
worse and worse and finally quit at the entrance to the marina. Started
right back up und felt like it was running on 1 cylinder and then quit
again. I was able to start it often enough that I was able to drift in to my
Went back to the boat on Sunday, started the engine and it ran great. Does
that not sound like a fuel filter problem.
Any advice would be appreciated, as you can tell I am NOT a mechanic.
Bill Ydel
SallyB #441

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