[Public-list] main winch?

Todd Redhead todd.redhead at sympatico.ca
Thu Nov 4 04:26:06 PST 2004

I do much the same thing - except I leave the bottom of the boom cleated off
at the right height.  Then I just haul up the main until the boom pulls up
tight against the cleated off lower line.  Of course, I am a big guy (6'1" -
2 something) so I am able to just muscle the main up.

Strathgowan (#400)
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> My Alberg doesn't have a main winch!  Didn't know they came with one.
> I just haul the main up, then sweat it and then sit on the boom and tie
> it off below.  Dang!  It's like a Rhodes 19, but I never have a problem
> with getting the main all the way up even by myself.  After I have
> hauled it up as far as I can by hand, I then grab the boom and pull it
> up, then hold it with my hip and and sweat the halyard til it's tight
> and look up to make sure the main is all the way up, then cleat the
> halyard, then sit on the boom and tie it to a cleat at the bottom of the
> mast.  Hmmm, perhaps a winch is in order!   I have a spare on board.
> I have the old winches and winch handles and found a spare handle at a
> consign shop in Pensacola, Fl. called "Scurvy Dog".  I will try to find
> there address for you.
> Patty
> Timbuktu #461
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