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If was recommended when we had the Alberg on stands to place 3/4 inch
plywood squares 15 X 15 inches under the stands so they would not dig into
gravel and spread the load. This was done and we never had a problem. The
frame which you see on #114 was used on a cradle. We have lowered it a bit
to accommodate our canvas. Hope this helps.

Stephen(Chris's Dad)

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I have my A30 stored on blocks supported by Brownell stands. It sits on a
hard packed gravel driveway. Over the past couple of days we've have had
gale force winds with severe gusts. We get these storms on and off
throughout the winter. (The worst wind gusts we can expect in my location
are probably 50-60K.) During the last gale, the boat loosened up a bit on
the stands and I've tightened them about three quarters of a turn.

I have a couple of questions for the list.

1) Does anyone know what strength of wind will blow an A30 off her stands?

2) I'm building a winter cover with a similar profile to Chris Sousa's at
this URL:


Is the added profile/windage of the cover something to be concerned about?


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