[Public-list] Anyone looking for a project A-30?

Gordon Laco mainstay at csolve.net
Tue Jan 4 07:06:38 PST 2005

Hi folks - 

My understanding is that it was no accident that the A30 bears similarity to
the Folkboat... When Kurt Hansen, a Folkboat importer and builder was first
approached to build the A30, it was by a group of Folkboat racers from
Toronto's National Yacht Club.  The design spec placed before Carl Alberg
was to take the Folkboat and make it bigger (I know that is a fairly gross

Happy New Year - Gord #426 Surprise

>   That Carl Alberg often designed with lines similar to the Folkboat is our
> good fortune. The latest model of the Folkboat is being imported from Denmark
> to Nova Scotia. The price for it is $60,000 Canadian ( $50,000 US at current
> exchange rates) and I wonder if these will be worth $12, - 15,000 in 40 years.
> They are only 24 feet long and the cabin is much less than we have too. I do
> know that the Folkboat woodies are being maintained as classics,  but they are
> nowhere near the current price of an Alberg 30.
>   C.B. Currier's comment about the success of the Alberg 30 on the Chesapeake
> also applies to the Great Lakes. If we are to believe some rather opinionated
> designers like Ted Brewer, who has determined a safety formula for hull
> designs, and by that formula the Alberg 30 is the most stable of all
> production
> boats, then whatever dollars we put in to maintain a safe hull is a reasonable
> risk. Before I bought a "big" boat, I asked a good friend,  who has built over
> 30 boats,  what he would set as guidelines for safety on the Great Lakes. His
> reply was a hull not less than 30 feet and with a full keel. We have found the
> Alberg 30  to fit all of our safety and fun expectations. We have also found
> Alberg owners to be an incredible group of friends.
>   You will find that if you do buy an Alberg, you will get much more than a
> boat.
> Don
> Michael wrote:
>> I wonder if anyone on the list would consider owning a 30' sailboat with an
>> expectation of spending less than $10-15,000 to get it on the water.
>> I wouldn't - but I wouldn't consider owning an Irwin or equivalent either.
>> Michael Grosh
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