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I understand that ATN's Top Climber is another way to get to the top
unassisted and very safely.

>>> gwyn at beluga.phys.UVic.CA 1/19/2005 5:48:49 PM >>>

My boat came with mast steps and I love them.

I've done a significant amount of work on my mast (repairing 
wiring, installing a wind indicator, putting boots on the 
spreaders, checking the swages at the top of the rigging, 
retreiving halyards, taking pretty pictures). If I'm going to 
work for more than a minute or two, I tie myself to the mast with 
a loop of line and a climbing carabiner.

The only draw back is sometimes halyards and sheets catch
on the steps and you have to go forward and shake them free.

I used to work on a 72' gaff-rigged ketch. Climbing the ratlines 
to set the topsail was easy if things were calm but alarming if 
there was any kind of sea running. Climbing an Alberg mast, even 
though it is shorter, is slightly harder. OK at the dock, VERY 
alarming when it blowing 25+ you're retreiving a halyard at the 
top of the mast. This is mostly because the steps aren't very
wide, compared to ratlines, so you have think about your feet 
more carefully.


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