[Public-List] Selling A-30: In the water or out?

Rachel penokee at cheqnet.net
Wed Aug 29 09:34:09 PDT 2007

Hi folks,

I'm going to sell my Alberg 30, and I've got a question for which I'd 
like some input:

I have the boat out of the water on stands right now, with the mast 
down and on stands beside the boat, and I'm thinking about whether I 
should rig and launch it prior to selling it, or whether I should leave 
it on the hard.  If it were me buying, I guess I'd like it on the hard 
so that I could get a good look at everything; but, OTOH maybe others 
have different views?  Also, I seem to be attracted to hard-to-find 
boats, so I usually end up trucking them half way across the country 

Currently the boat lives in the lower Chesapeake, so I suppose there's 
a good chance it'll go to its new home by water, but OTHO it's ready to 
hop onto a truck as-is, without more than a couple of hours of prep 

As I type this I realize the correct answer is probably "it depends" - 
and that there's really no knowing in advance.  But, I'm always open to 
input :-)

1967 Alberg 30, #221


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