[Public-List] WNR 8/6/08: The view from the front, then from the back

Gordon Laco mainstay at csolve.net
Thu Aug 7 03:37:45 PDT 2008

Thanks for the descriptions - must be great to race one-design.


On 8/7/08 5:56 AM, "Brian Palmer" <Bpalmer at DigitalArsenal.com> wrote:

> I wanted to throw in a quick additional bit of coverage.  We started a bit
> late to the line, having more ground to cover than was possible as the winds
> got a little light just before the start.  But the amazing part was seeing
> Tim Williams, who wasn't too far from SSA when the gun went off, having just
> picked up a crew member.  They popped their chute way back there and flew it
> right by the committee boat long after the gun.  Take note that although
> they had a very late start, they did move up a few slots, finishing 5th, not
> far behind 3rd and 4th in time.  Here's the final results:
> 1 - 197 Laughing Gull
> 2 - 247 Argo
> 3 - 484 Second-2-Nun
> 4 - 152 Andante
> 5 - 244 LinGin
> 6 - 288 L'Esprit
> 7 - 287 Calliope
> It was great to see 7 Albergs out there!
> -Brian
> L'Esprit #288
> On Wed, Aug 6, 2008 at 11:15 PM, J Bergquist <jbergqui at gmail.com> wrote:
>> After a couple of weeks of bad weather and postponements, we had an
>> excellent Wednesday Night Race on the Severn River in Annapolis
>> tonight. The Alberg fleet was out in force with 7 boats rep-resenting
>> glory days of yore. It was a beautiful sight.
>> The breeze was a norhtwesterly which meant a downwind start. We
>> started in the middle of the line with Cole and Adams to windward,
>> Gamber and TC Williams to leeward. I don't know where Tim Williams was
>> because I did not see him until much further into the race but I am
>> sure he was in the mix somewhere. Palmer was behind and to leeward but
>> made gains on the first leg bringing fresh breeze down to the fleet.
>> It was a crowded downwind leg to the first mark. We had Gamber and
>> Williams coming up underneath us and were just able to nose out in
>> front of Gamber and maintain speed as he tried to blanket us.
>> Eventually, he decided to go high and wound up on the right even of
>> Cole and Adams, to which we said, sounds good. As we rounded the mark,
>> the fleet bore off and sailed a deep starboard run to the next mark.
>> Gybes were not required, but some of the boats on the outside elected
>> to go for it anyhow. When we got to the mark, it was still a close
>> horse race with us, Williams, Adams, Cole, and Gamber all rounding
>> close aboard each other together with a number of J-22's, cal 25's and
>> J-24's, which made it exciting. On Calliope, we went for the
>> conservative rounding with a headless spinnaker douse, followed by our
>> gybe to port and set the jib on port gybe. This tactic worked as at
>> the first cross we came out ahead of both Williams and Gamber.
>> Incredulous, we determined that we were in first place!
>> And that's when the wheels came off the bus. We proceeded to sail the
>> headed tack for the next 4 oscillations. Not fast. By the time we got
>> to the nun, everybody, and I mean everybody not just in the Alberg
>> fleet, but in EVERY fleet had passed us. What a bummer! But that's
>> life on the race course, and we just have to get over it and move on.
>> We did think there was a chance of coming out ahead as we were still
>> quite close to Gamber, Tim Williams, and Palmer. However, it was just
>> not to be as the shifts continued to break in opposition to our needs.
>> Such is life...
>> In the end, Adams took the bullet with TC williams in 2nd, Andrew Cole
>> in 3rd, and after that it gets a little fuzzy but I can tell you for
>> sure we were in last....
>> It appears that a new order is developing in Annapolis with Jonathan
>> Adams being the boat to beat! Outstanding work, guys!
>> We'll do it all again next week at 1835 don't be late! See you then!
>> ciao,
>> JB
>> --
>> J Bergquist
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