[Public-List] reef line diameter

John S. Riley jriley at dsbscience.com
Tue Aug 26 18:31:12 PDT 2008

RogerW wrote:
> Hey John, How about this for topping lift:
> A ring lashed to the backstay somewhat below the boom end when sailing 
> (like INKA has). Then for a slight improvement, maybe, a short loop of 
> bungee cord that would be at the right length that after hoisting the 
> main, head to wind, you lift the boom by hand (slight bit of slack in 
> sheet), release the topping shackle (preferably a pelican hook), and 
> attach to bungee. The topping lift would not have to be un-cleated and 
> re-cleated each time.
> Anyone else see problems with that?  RogerW

Sounds interesting.

The only thing that comes to mind is that I would not want to be 
man-handling the boom offshore, as when tying in a reef, for example.

s/v Gaelic Sea


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