[Public-List] Lifting boat by rudder

crufone at comcast.net crufone at comcast.net
Wed Nov 12 08:14:48 PST 2008


My understanding is that once the yard realized that the strap was misplaced they stopped lifting and repositioned the aft strap before the final haul out.  The owner was present and witnessed their mistake and suggested that the yard repair the damage done to his boat. 


WOW! the picked up the boat with one strap on the rudder ... lucky they 
didn't loose the boat ! 
C.B. Currier 
Infinity #57 
Daybreak #458 

crufone at comcast.net wrote: 

> Hi Daniel, 
> Just 
before I purchased my boat the yard began to lift it and the strap 
> was on the rudder.  This caused the rudder to slam to one side, 
> broke the tiller end fitting but not the wooden 
tiller!!!  The yard at 
> their cost replaced both the tiller 'H' 
fitting and the rudder post cap 
> with a new Edson set. While I 
was not there the previous owner mentioned 
> that the yard had to 
mill a key slot into the original rudder post. 
> Apparently they 
did this while the rudder and post was in location on the 
boat.  They must have set up some sort of fixture and used a cutter to 
> mill the keyway.  I have not taken this apart to see how good a 
job they 
> did.  While sailing the tiller is centered nicely and 
the fitting appears 
> to be tight on the rudder post.  My boat is 
a 1966 model, Hull #133. 
> I have 
heard that the earlier boats used a pinch bolt set up to hold this 
> fitting on and the later ones used a key system.  I believe that 

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