[Public-List] Tiller end fittings question - part 2

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Hi Daniel, 

Just before I purchased my boat the yard began to lift it and the strap was on the rudder.  This caused the rudder to slam to one side, which broke the tiller end fitting but not the wooden tiller!!!  The yard at their cost replaced both the tiller 'H' fitting and the rudder post cap with a new Edson set. While I was not there the previous owner mentioned that the yard had to mill a key slot into the original rudder post. Apparently they did this while the rudder and post was in location on the boat.  They must have set up some sort of fixture and used a cutter to mill the keyway.  I have not taken this apart to see how good a job they did.  While sailing the tiller is centered nicely and the fitting appears to be tight on the rudder post.  My boat is a 1966 model, Hull #133. 

I have heard that the earlier boats used a pinch bolt set up to hold this fitting on and the later ones used a key system.  I believe that Edson now only makes the key system fitting.  The Edson parts are the proper diameter for the rudder post and the 'H' fitting fits the original wooden tiller, one just needs to modify the rudder post to accomodate the key system.  This process has worked on my boat and I guess that it would work on yours. 

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Daniel Sternglass wrote: 

> Hi all, 
> It's been a long time since I've posted to this list.... After several 
> repairs including some machining and wedging brass washers into the 
> tiller end fitting, I think it's time for me to replace the tiller end 
> "H" fitting and probably the fitting atop the rudder post... 

Thanks for the info... 

My boat is a 1966. The Edson rudder post cap part looks similar, but I 
see 2 problems: 

1. On my boat, the large capscrew (and the mating hole in the 
rudderpost) runs fore-and-aft; the illustration shows that capscrew 
2. I have no keyway in my rudder post, rather two 1/4" allen head set 

I *might* be able to drill and tap the new rudder post head fitting, but 
it appears to have a boss where the load-bearing side-to-side capscrew 
goes, so it might not be strong enough. Likely I could drill and tap for 
the set screws if I can solve the load bearing capscrew problem. 

Is what I have typical of the older boats? If so, is there a known 
solution for this? I certainly don't want to re-work or replace the 
rudder post. 


--Dan S. 

Dan, I researched a lot when I replaced mine, and found nothing better 
than the original Edson.  See 

 - George 
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