[Public-List] More on lifting Alberg 30's ~ Solutions

John Birch Sunstone at cogeco.ca
Thu Nov 13 09:06:12 PST 2008

Yes, Don prefers it that way and as it is his boat - it's his call.

However, I have known many Albergs including Rough Bounds # 25 and my A-37 
Sunstone which are lifted the way I describe without incident or any fatigue 
stresses showing

Here Don and I respectfully agree to disagree.

I don't feel the risk to rudder is acceptable or of accidently catching and 
lifting off the bronze shoe, which happened once with Sunstone years ago 
forcing me to rebed and repair it. Which is why I switched to counter lift 
outs. Much safer IMHO

One other thing - be certain with full keelers to lift them level with the 
bottom of the keel parallel to the water.

They go in their cradles much easier that way - and to ease placement for 
the crane operator, have white line painted in contrasting bottom paint on 
the keel to mark exactly where the boat should go in the cradle fore and 
aft - match that line to the one painted on the cradle and voila, the boat 
is in the right spot

Saves a ton of time and the crane operator can see both lines

All respectfully suggested for your considerations


John - PS I have directed & assist directed placements of boats & lifts 
about 300 times over the past 6 years.

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>    I have lifted White Opal  #528 28 times, and I will not lift her aft of 
> the horn timber. I do not think that it makes reasonable sense to lift the 
> bulk of the ballast by the back of the aging  hull when the bulkheads are 
> not an integral part of the hull at that point or that the reinforcement 
> on the longitudinal dividers may have been cut to access the rudder post. 
> Therefore I have always lifted on the keel.
>    I have a plank of hickory that is movable to place under the keel on 
> the trailer. Once on the trailer, I have enough jacking equipment on the 8 
> pads that I am able to lift the hull and reposition the plank. The lifting 
> points on the hull are the forward winches and the center chainplate. The 
> sling lablels help if your memory is short.
>    I always check the tiller to make sure there is no pressure on it 
> before lifting and I always tie the straps together with 5/8" dock lines 
> to avoid slippage.
>    Having a travel lift is really nice and then the operator may lift the 
> front and aft separately so that the aft may be a bit higher then the bow 
> . That gives a more level lift on the front strap and less likelihood of 
> slippage.
>    I have lifted twice at BS&BC, once in and once out,  using the crane as 
> described by John Birch, both times with keel lifts.
> Don #528
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