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Roger L. Kingsland r.kingsland at ksba.com
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I am thinking through the window install and wonder if anyone has thought of
or tried using compressible double sided tape as a gasketing material in
lieu of going thru the process of masking everything before squishing the
frame in a bed of caulk.  It seems, if the right tape could be found
(compressible as well as closed cell and UV resistant), it would  be a lot
easier to use the frame as a guide to cut the tape and affix the tape to the
back side of the frame.  Might it work?

Roger 148 

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Hello All.

It looks like Wooshkeetaan will be racing in the Wednesday Miles River
series!  Our crew has sailed together for years on a Triton so we're pretty
comfortable with the A30.  One thing I need to do is fill out the PHRF
rating application.  I'm I too naive (and hopeful) in assuming that there's
not a significant variation in the A30 racing fleet (though there would be
some, i.e., Wooshkeetaan is '64 vintage).  Is anyone willing to share their
completed PHRF form with me to speed the process (and ensure correctness and


John Scott
Wooshkeetaan #26

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