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On the Emotional Resue #303, we did NOT use acrylic plastic. It is more scratch resistant, yes, but we wanted impact resistance so we used polycarbonate ("Lexan is one of the polycarbonates;there are others). The Tremco tapes have not harmed it, including yellowing at edges.
I do not have a sketch of the sliding hatch "pane" but I could easily make one. The depth of the rabbet was the thickness of the polycarbonate plus thickness of PolyShim tape but NOT more than 1/2 the thickness of the plywood hatch cover. I also glued wood strips on the underside for additional support. Make sure that the thickness does not prevent the hatch from clearing the upturned edge of the cabin top. The width of the glazing rabbet was one inch, allowing room for tape and screws. The screws also went into the reinforcing strips below.
Ed Schroeder

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I wasn't aware that butyl could damage acrylic plastic.  Odd, because I
first heard of it through the Plastic Classic Forum where several members have
used it on their Triton windows (which are plastic in bronze frames).

I guess I will have to re-check that.

It is true that Lexan scratches easier than acrylic.  It's tougher overall
but more vulnerable to scratching.  You can get tempered acrylic, which I think
is stronger than regular (but have not researched it yet).


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> If you use butyl  polymers understand that they will chemically eat away
at acrylic plastics according to my suppliers. 

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