[Public-List] Replacement Cahin Plates

Roger L. Kingsland r.kingsland at ksba.com
Thu Mar 26 11:03:56 PDT 2009

Hi Folks,

I am shopping around the internet for new chain plates.  Original ones from
good old #148 are 3/16" x 1-1/4"; 2 at 8" long, 1 at 9", 2 at 10" and 2 at 11"; 67"
total.  I have feelers out for 1 piece, 6 feet long, 1-1/4" wide and 1/4"
thick (figured a good idea to go up from 3/16" because so many of my
original ones have cracks) and 2 suppliers have said it would cost around
$40 except they have a minimum order of $100 and up. Does anyone else needs
chain plates and want to piggy back on my minimum order.  I can order them
precut to the correct lengths and ship them from my office (they should
about 7 pounds).  

Also, there is an old time machine shop a few blocks from my office that
charges $45/hour.  They estimate 4 to 6 hours to fabricate the new plates
(from my bar stock) & cut and drill the old ones (no polishing and rough
cuts for the curved ends that I would finish off on my grinding wheel).  I
would be happy to include others in that work as well.  I figure (no
guarantees) $40 for material, $180 (4 hrs each set) for fabrication and $15
for shipping; under $250 total (hopefully less) per set ready for grinding
and polishing.

Anyone interested?



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