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Roger L. Kingsland r.kingsland at ksba.com
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Hi folks,

A neighbor has an electronic parts business and had his warehouse send me
some surplus Micarta (used for circuit boards) for me to use for backer
plates.  It is red (I guess color indicates the material laminated inside)
and can be worked like hardwood but the dust is supposed to be pretty
harmful.  I wish I had the stuff sooner because I originally bought my own
and it is quite expensive.  I have used it under stanchions, winches &

Although I only needed a few pieces, they sent me their entire stock of
about 20 sheets w/ the smallest being approx 6"x14".  If anybody needs some
please let me know.  Perhaps it would be good to have on hand for the annual
maintenance get togethers?

Roger 148  

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After he was off the bar, he said to the fisherman, "At this price, I should
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"Can't," replied the fisherman. "At night I haul sand for the bar."

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