[Public-List] We had an Alberg 22!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :)

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Sat Oct 17 15:29:29 PDT 2009

Rona and I had an Alberg 22, also known as the Daystar, from 1990 to 1997,  
when we moved up to the A 30.
The A22 is a great boat. There are times when I wonder if the 'move up' was 
 really necessary.
An A22 raced in a Transatlantic race back in the '80's. They actually had  
to shorten the boat to meet some rating. They cut off the beautiful transom 
and  some of the aft overhang. But she made the trip!
The boat was very well made, up in Kingston, Ontario by Allen Nye Scott, if 
 memory serves. Lots of nice teak in the cabin.
Our boat was blistered below the waterline. We removed the gelcoat and used 
 the West System regimen to repair the problem. That stood up well all the 
years  we had the boat.
The A22 sailed like a dream. Relatively lighter in Disp/length ratio than  
the A30, she handled very well, and had a very lively feel to her. She moved 
 nicely in light air, and reefed down, she could handle anything. She was 
at her  best in 12-16 knots. She would lean over to the point that the water 
was about  three inches or so below the leeward toe rail, and then would 
just shoot  ahead.
We had a 6 hp Yamaha outboard, but I think that it was more than was  
needed. A 4 hp would have done fine. The smaller engine would have been lighter,  
and so easier to get in and out of the well.
There was a guy up in Canada who was maintaining an A22 website a few years 
 ago, but my bookmark doesn't work anymore. Maybe he's given it up. He had 
a lot  of info there.
If you are looking to downsize to a keel boat in the 22 foot range, then  
the A22 is the way to go!!!!!
Any other questions, feel free to ask,
Lee Trachtenberg
#255 Stargazer

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