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John Birch Sunstone at cogeco.ca
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An Alberg designed boat is by definition a fine sailing boat. Unfortunately, 
Alberg had no control on how they were built.

Unlike the Whitby Built A-30 & 37, the Nye built 22s has mild steel framing 
used in their rudders instead of bronze. As well, Nye used mild steel welded 
to stainless for the encapsulated chain plates. These compromises have 
started to show issues with the A-22 as they age.

It's a pity, because they are such a pretty boat.

Sorry to be a Grinch


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> I've met four people with Alberg 22s. All four loved them. They go faster 
> than Alberg 30s in light air.  Build quality is about the same as an 
> Alberg 30. They were not built by Whitby Boatworks but Nye Yachts. The 
> only complaint I heard was one guy had moved his outboard from the 
> outboard well to the transom, which then delaminated after 10 years.
> I recently sold my Alberg 30 two years ago. I am looking for
>>something smaller. There is an Alberg 22 available. It looks very good but 
>>I did not know that there was a 22 built. Does anyone know about a 22 
>>Alberg and its quality?
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