[Public-List] Bilge pumps

Greg Roberts gregr at nethere.com
Wed Jul 7 08:23:19 PDT 2010

It's the switches I can't find a good solution for...
I'm in the process of designing a controller that will work with  
simple float switches.
As for location, I have the pump mounted to a 1" x 1" x ~4' stick of  
The switch (aqua alarm) is mounted on the otherside of the stick,  
slightly above the pump base. The whole assembly slides down in front  
of the engine (Yanmar). It controls the position of the pump and makes  
for easy retrieval.
I'm using the $50 aqua alarm switch and I DO NOT recommend it. For $50  
I expected to get something with hysteresis. It doesn't appear to have  
any. My second beef is the size of the wire. I'm pretty fanatical  
about getting electrical right and they use 18 or 20 gauge on a switch  
they rate for 15A.

Hysteresis is a key piece to avoid pump burnout.

Ooops, I'm late for work. I'll continue this later today...



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