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Second note.... from Willie
  Hold the shaft brass tube tight with a pipe 
wrench and prop the wrench handle against the 
insides of your boat....cut some proper 2x4 short 
pieces of wood  and wedge them in place to hold 
the pipe wrench in place....you can also hold the 
wrench in place by making a 2x4 fixture to hold 
the wrench in place, I did the whole job by 
myself and had no problems. The pipe wrench has a 
hanging hole on the handle....you can build a 
simple wood fixture and bolt the wrench handle 
right into the wood fixture with a Hex head Lag 
bolt. A Lag bolt in this case is better because 
you can screw the thing in place with a socket 
wrench and a long extention. (Make sure you have 
a nice pot magnet hanging on a piece of line to 
retrive any tool,sockets droped into the bilge).

To re-affix the housing use standard SS Hex head 
bolts.....same size or 1/2 inch longer....you 
have to re drill carefully a deeper hole and 
re-tap.....first you use a standard tap and then 
you use a bottoming tap to take advantage of the 
full bolt thread length. Use liberal amount of 
Boat Caulk inside the housing cavity.... on bolt 
thread holes/smear with finger on thread and 
bottom of hole...caulk under the bolt head and you will have no problems.
To tighten the bolts do not use any 50 or 100 
ft/lb torgue wrench....The standard wrench handle 
is designed just to the right length for a person 
to use......if you tighten the bolts to your own 
elbow and arm strength .....you are always 
OK....Do not over tighten......Especially in 
Fiber glass..... a stripped thread has to be 
re-epoxied and re-tapped .....this whole thing 
boils down to common sense....thread 
slowly....keep it simple and use ones head.
This ft/lb torque business is for astronauts, 
racing car engine re builders, wind mill 
manufacturers but not for installing a shaft 
housing on an Albergs fiber glass....an 
overtightend bolt does not make the situation 
stronger....the number of bolts does......Now,do 
we need all that strength ??  The back end of our 
beloved Alberg is close to 4 inches of solid fiber glass.

At 10:40 AM 23/07/2010, you wrote:
>Simple Question, To remove this aluminum flange 
>is it turned Anticlockwise or 
>Clockwise?  Because mine might be stuck in 
>place I don't want to break it wilst trying to 
>remove it by turning the wrong way,i.e., 
>tightning instead of loosening. Michael #133 
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