[Public-List] Hand rails/Leaks in the Hull Deck Joint

Bob Crinion bob at crinion.ca
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Regarding Leaks in the Hull Deck Joint:

On our boat, hull 560, the teak hand rails were fastened with about 160
self tap SS screws with the wooden plugs. I removed the plugs with a
screw that I cut off the top so I could insert it in a drill; it made
removal of the plugs a one night after work job to get the plugs out.
Getting the screws out took 3 evenings, too bad they used slotted
screws, but I will fix that when I put the toe rails back on...

I found several reasons for leaks after removing the teak toe rail/hand
rails. Corroded leaky rivets and areas where the hull deck joint
loosened and needed to be recaulked (3M 5200).All the rivets were
drilled out and filled every hole with epoxy thickened with Colloidal
Silica. I found the old holes too burred up from the rivets. I used
10-24 SS screws just as in the very useful A30 article:

I drilled new holes in between the old ones and countersunk them and
added a small dab of 5200 around the screw head before the screw was
fully tightened using nylon lock nuts. (I WAS REALLY PEAVED OFF ABOUT

I hope after refastening the teak toe rail/hand rail with a polysulfide
sealant that there will be NO MORE LEAKS in the hull deck joint...

I took lots of pictures from start to finish including building a 14'
wide by 17' tall by 34' long bow roofed shed.

Now to paint the deck...


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Would like to get some advise on removing, sealing and replacing the
rails on # 438.  Stb side leaks like a sieve!
They have wooden plugs hiding the hardware and I can't tell if they are 
screwed into each other (interior deck head to exterior coach roof) or
But I hate to drill out 12 wooden plugs each side if not necessary.
the leaks have to stop, especially with the rainy B.C season arriving
Thanks all comments will be appreciated.

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