[Public-List] For owners interested in the Moeller Tank Group order

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Sat Oct 22 11:26:31 PDT 2011

 Johathan and others who have requested the details, 

I have fit the mock-up of the Moeller saddle tank into both Port and Starboard cockpit lockers of a non-liner boat. It fits just as Gord described in a liner boat. That is, there is a longitudinal stiffening stringer inside the lockers against the hull. If the lower side of the tank is rested on this stringer there is approximately 3" of clearance above the upper tank surface with the tank against the inside of the hull. In my boat #133,  the Port tank lines up nicely with an existing deck port. As Gord suggested I will have to fit the tank and then install the hose and deck fitting into the tank from above the deck. There is room enough to do this procedure. The Starboard tank is a bit different as the existing deck fitting is not located above the tank inlet but inboard of the inner side of the tank. For this installation I will need to fashion some elbows, one below the deck fitting and one above the tank to connect the two. 3" plus or minus is enough room to accomplish this routing. This tank I will use for water so a slower fill rate is not an issue. 


Of course the closer to center line one locates the tanks the more room above the tanks will be available. With the tanks positioned against the hull almost all of the original usable space in each locker is available. Originally I envisioned the tanks further inboard to better balance the boat, but I see now that positioning takes up valuable storage space from the lockers. 


Please Note:  Gord or others might comment if full 18 gal tanks outboard against the hull cause instability/rolling issues.  


I am in the process of getting quotes on accessories, such as mounting kits, gages and diesel return kits so we can soon put together our order.  We will receive the same discount for accessories which Defender normally stocks if we can order 4 or more of each item. For folks requiring a diesel return line I would suggest adding a return hose barb to the top of the sender unit as Moeller does. As it is now the tanks are supplied with an electronic sender and you must purchase another sender supplied by Moeller which has been modified to accept the return line "for an additional cost" of $39.99. I have contacted Moeller directly and they will not swap out the senders at the factory so Diesel folks will need to purchase two senders or modify their own as supplied with the tank. This would be easy; tap the top of the sender plate and screw in a 90 degree hose barb, presto done! 

I have contacted individuals who originally expressed interest in this group order. Some said no, some are 'in process' and some have not responded. At this juncture; the two tanks I plan to purchase are the only confirmed order. If we can't come up with an order for at least four tanks then there is no discount for anyone. 

Please contact me with your wishes and comfirmations. Thank you. 

Michael #133

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