[Public-List] Deck Drains on Liner Boat

George Mathis georage at hotmail.com
Mon Oct 10 09:32:56 PDT 2011

I just redid mine (#439)
The deck drains go to the cockpit lockers to the engine compartment and join the cockpit drains and go out through thru-hulls under where the engine should be.
I can send you some photos of my new setup, if you like. 
I believe the lazarette thru-hulls are for engine exhaust, or at least one was on my boat. 
-- George

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> Subject: [Public-List] Deck Drains on Liner Boat
> I've tried a search of the archives and looked for photos on the site,
> so if the info is there and I missed it, my apologies.
> I'd like a description of the deck drain plumbing for a liner boat.
> Specifically, on my boat, it looks like the through hulls for the deck
> drains are in the lazarette, on the counter above the water line.  But I
> am not sure that's the case, because the hoses no longer go there (a PO
> plumbed the deck drains into the cockpit drains with a "T" and it has
> never worked well for either, partly because the geometry was wrong).
> So, if that's the "normal" place for the deck drains to lead, the hoses
> pass through the bulkhead separating the laz from the cockpit lockers?
> I'm wondering about the feasibility of simply having the through hulls
> on the side of the hull a few inches below the drains themselves, and
> thus using only a very short section of hose form the drain to the exit
> point.  It would almost be a true scupper at that point, which I've also
> considered (glassing in a short section of pipe at the drain, making it
> something more like how the pre-liner boats are set up).
> Thanks for any info or  input,
> -- 
> John S. Riley
> S/V Gaelic Sea
> 1972 Alberg 30 #521
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