[Public-List] Deck Drains on Liner Boat

John Riley jriley at dsbscience.com
Mon Oct 10 10:01:08 PDT 2011

George Mathis wrote:
> I just redid mine (#439)
> The deck drains go to the cockpit lockers to the engine compartment and join the cockpit drains and go out through thru-hulls under where the engine should be.
> I can send you some photos of my new setup, if you like. 
> I believe the lazarette thru-hulls are for engine exhaust, or at least one was on my boat. 
> -- George

Hi George,

Some photos would be great.

There were a couple of major problems with the way mine were done ("T"d
into the cockpit drains). 

First, the hose sizes did not match, so there were multiple stages of
reducers, thus the drains ultimately were not as large as they COULD
have been.

Second, the hoses leading from the deck drains dipped low, then
'swooped' up to the "T", so that there was a low point.  They did not
fully drain, and any trash that got into the hose settled in the low
part (ultimately clogging the line).

Third, the geometry of the "T" made cleaning the hoses and through-hulls
(boat in the water) with a snake from either end, cockpit or deck,
impossible.  The only way to clean the lines was to disassemble the "T"
below the waterline (close the ball valve), attach an 'extension hose'
and clean that way.

The "system" did not work well at all, and took a BUNCH of room below.

So, I'd LOVE to see your photos and to hear how it performs.  If you
were to fill your cockpit to the locker lid level, say, how long does it
take to drain?

John S. Riley
S/V Gaelic Sea
1972 Alberg 30 #521


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