[Public-List] Muffler A4 and Masthead

George Dinwiddie gdinwiddie at alberg30.org
Thu Oct 11 14:59:11 PDT 2012


On 10/10/12 12:12 PM, randall weatherspoon wrote:
> I have read a few threads about the cast mastheads - I am currently
> designing a machined masthead for the old tear drop mast section, I am
> presently on hold with the project but would be glad to share work so far as
> calcs if someone would like to check calcs etc. I am working with a shop
> here in St Petersburg and have the base insert machined in plastic to test.
> I need to finish the upper part on ACAD and will be off once I get the
> money. Just moved so I will have to find the right box with note  but have
> the ACAD files here on the computer.  Anyone interested?

When you're done, I'd be happy to host an article and the files on the 
alberg30.org website, if you'd like.

> Also I have removed my A4 to refurb and ready to go back in-the exhaust
> "muffler" has leaks and I want to replace with SS pipe - the question is
> whether straight pipe will do and do I need something as a water stop or
> trap as it were to keep water making it to the engine. Any ideas or
> experience.

I'm skeptical that stainless provides any real advantage for the exhaust.

I've used the design shown on 
http://alberg30.org/maintenance/MechanicalPropulsion/Exhaust/ in both 
black iron and in "bronze" pipe. The iron exhaust pipe was fine for a 
number of years and still had plenty of life left when the old exhaust 
manifold and flange crumbled to nothing. I discarded it as not worth the 
effort to salvage, the pipe being so cheap. I decided to make the 
replacement in "bronze" (probably closer to brass or copper, I suspect) 
since I decided to make the hose output out of a hose barb rather than a 
pipe nipple. The pipe nipple is a tight fit for the hose, and I wanted 
it easier to remove. (I used to drain the water-lift muffler. Now I run 
antifreeze through.)

  - George

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