[Public-List] technophobic curmudgeon

Rod Symmes weatherhelm at hotmail.com
Mon Sep 24 15:58:48 PDT 2012

John  -  no apology is needed as far as I see it.   Your comment about "pulling your focus" is spot on.  Most people put WAY too much faith in the gadgets.  Don't get me wrong - I love my chart plotter and it lets me be a safer boater and increases my enjoyment of sailing when in dangerous waters.  But I try to maintain a "healthy disrespect" for the electronics.  I always operate with the "accuracy" ring showing around my position and never let any hazard come inside that ring. I also try to force myself to use my eyes and ask myself ,  " does what the GPS is telling me seem reasonable ?"  But I do love the chart plotter - it lets me sail in areas of Georgian Bay that have hazards far from any landmark and previously [when sailing with paper charts & eye balls] I would just have to avoid that area all together because I could not accurately position myself.The other aspect of  "pulling your focus" that is really important to me is:    the fascination of the gadgets draws my attention away from sailing.   So some days,  I restrict myself to sailing in well known and safe waters only and leave the electronics OFF !    Then I can enjoy the purity of just paying attention to the boat, the water, the wind, the telltails and the beauty around me.
THUS  ENDS  MY  SERMON  FOR  TODAY        (-:      [with apologies]

Cheers,   Rod

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