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Mon Oct 13 05:36:46 PDT 2014


You are wise to inspect carefully all the systems on a boat new to you. You might check the Public List Archives. Some time back there was a lot of discussion about CO monitors, mostly in conjunction with cabin heaters. But nonetheless you may find useful information there. 

If I remember correctly you purchased at a good price and expected a project boat in the deal. Don't pay any attention to what the P.O. says around the yard. You are the skipper now and need to do as you feel appropriate. The P.O. may be a good source for information if he is congenial.  
Was it you who stated that they had cracks in the keel area below the waterline forward?  I don't believe that they laid up our hulls in two pieces, but there will be overlapping roving and cloth in the keel area.  Sometimes there are voids formed during  which the construction which become evident over time. When your boat is out of the water is the time to address these.  Also our boats had a very heavy Gelcote layer applied to the mold prior to lay up. Folks have told me that thick Gelcote tends to form hairline fractures over time. My hull has many of these hairline fractures in the Gelcote. If you grind one down you will find that the fracture only goes down to the fiberglass lay up. These are not really an issue. If when you inspect and find the fracture goes below the Gelcote and there are hull voids or structural weakness these need to be addressed. 

Tapping the surface with a small hammer will quickly reveal the areas of voids and or structural deficiencies.  

Good Thanks Giving to you as well.  

Have fun with your project boat. 

Michael #133 

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