[Public-List] Electronic ignition & other stuff

Greg Dawson via Public-List public-list at lists.alberg30.org
Mon Oct 13 14:13:40 PDT 2014

Hi all.

Without extending the already over extended debate on electronic ignition and also because I am pretty new to this forum and don't want to be a s--t disturber I would like to add a little. I also own a couple of old triumph motorcycles and an Atomic 4 so this is the point that I speak from. 

My 1938 Speed Twin is equipped with a Mag Dyno and has manual advance & retard, my 66 Bonneville has points with auto advance & retard but will  be fitted with an EI system. Why, because it's better than the original system and it would have been fitted if the technology were available in 66. True, I might find myself broken down at the side of the road without a spare EI unit where as a simple set of points would have got me home but that is just a decision about spending the extra cost "just in case"

The week point of EI on the Atomic 4 surely is that the technology still requires a distributer which needs adjusting very occasionally and lubricating. Also a distributor cap, armature and coil  that definitely have finite lives. Unlike modern vehicles the engine wasn't made to accept EI as a complete system running a sensor off the crank or cam shaft with a multiple coils, nor can it be converted easily as my Triumph can.

The one huge advantage that I see is that if you aren't mechanically inclined or you have physical restraints ie your eyesight  is limited, you get a system that means that you never have to adjust points in a cramped engine compartment with dim lighting, you get a better spark in theory and maybe better performance. Surely the debate is merely should I invest in spares "just in case"

By the way I need a set of gaskets for an Atomic 4 if there's a set going....

In closing, I just want to say that I am enjoying this forum and the friendly advice / help that I have got from people. Rebuilding our A30 is a big project for us so THANKS!!


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