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Hello all, 

Seems to me this maybe is a philosophical decision.  Sailors, due to the nature of what they do, strive for self reliance.  Do you as captain wish to retain as much ability to get yourself out of a fix as possible or are you looking for low or no maintenance? 

Same goes for the dripless stuffing box seals. Usually when they fail they can't be adjusted or fixed to keep the water out.  Whereas the traditional stuffing box can be usually be fooled with to keep the boat from taking on water. 

I also am in firm belief that installing fool proof, no maintenance, not requiring service components on a boat is inviting laziness.  The captain may get some false sense of security and fail to perform his regular maintenance/inspection schedule. 

According to "Murphy" your ignition system, whether points or electronic, will fail when most needed, e.g., blowing onto a lee shore, etc., fill in your own tight situation. 

Having a spare set of points or electronic module is not going to keep you off the rocks. Hopefully you have good ground tackle aboard to deploy. 

I really believe the decision depends on what type of sailing you do and where you sail. How able you are to make the repair and to the degree you wish keep on top of regular maintenance and be self sufficient? 

I installed electronic ignition on a 1967 Volkswagen Beetle it worked fine. It may have been an improvement but it was not a panacea for any ignition problems. 

My two cents, 

Michael #133 Lorrie Rose  

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I have been looking at electronic igition for my old style Alberg engine and will appreciate any comments on the advantages and/or disadvantages of making this change.  For example is it more reliable and what do you do if it fails? 

Bill Newman 
Marion Rose III 
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