[Public-List] barnacles on the propeller

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Tue Sep 8 06:18:15 PDT 2015

Second question:

     Barnacles grow on my propeller at a great rate. I may put bottom 
paint on it when I haul out, but the stuff wears off quickly. Of late I 
have had a scuba diver scrape the prop early in June of years when I 
don't haul out, but by the end of the summer the barnacles are back, to 
greater or lesser degree.

     This past weekend we sailed from Fishing Bay on the Piankatank to 
the West Branch of the Severn River on Mobjack Bay and it is obvious the 
barnacles are back. On the way south, with a fair tide and decent wind, 
it was not as noticeable, but on our return, Monday, with an opposing 
tide and no wind, we were clearly struggling.

     This has to be an issue others have faced.

     Any solutions?

  - Gordon White

/Brigadoon II/
             # 275

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