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Hi Glenn,
Thanks for the thoughts and I hear you...I can't say that the course I've chosen will be the cheapest, I've got $1500 in the "new" tractor motor and it still needs to have my old ( but perfectly good) marine stuff transferred to it.  The good news is when that is done, it just drops back in.... No new shaft/prop/coupling/haul out, electrical panel and wiring, shift and throttle, engine beds, etc., etc. The "new" motor, although not really new has about 400 hours on it...I consider that not very many.  I'll just have to see....I do know I was quite happy with the original Vetus 3.10, nice running little motor. To get virtually the same 24 HP motor back I think will be ok.


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> On Sep 22, 2015, at 9:13 PM, Glenn via Public-List <public-list at lists.alberg30.org> wrote:
> Wes,  you might scout around for a used Westerbeke diesel or other brand - like Universal.  I've seen good running used engines from time to time for $600 to $1800.  You always have to be careful with used equipment but often they are perfectly fine. Just takes patience and some mechanical checking before you commit...
> Regards
> Glenn
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>> On Sep 22, 2015, at 2:17 PM, Anders Bro via Public-List <public-list at lists.alberg30.org> wrote:
>> You know, you can roll your own for quite a bit less than those being sold on the marine market. The issues might  be the mounting brackets, but if you have access to milling machine...
>> Anders
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>>> On Sep 22, 2015, at 4:54 PM, Wes Gardner via Public-List <public-list at lists.alberg30.org> wrote:
>>> Hi All,
>>> I like the electric option, but the price....I was looking at the discharge
>>> "run time" and at "all out" you get one hour at about 5.5 knots.  Maybe
>>> that could work.  At this point, rebuilding my motor is still a fair bit
>>> less spendy...
>>> Wes
>>>> On Tue, Sep 22, 2015 at 1:11 PM, David Fay <davidfay999 at gmail.com> wrote:
>>>> Wes,
>>>> Try Electric Yacht:
>>>> Electric Yacht
>>>> 5042 Lowry Terrace
>>>> Golden Valley MN 55422
>>>> 1-855-339-2248 (toll free)
>>>> Scott McMillan, President and Chief Technology Officer
>>>> scott at electricyacht.com
>>>> M: 763-370-2610
>>>> Skype: scott1ey
>>>> Mike Gunning
>>>> Director of Sales
>>>> Electric Yachts of Southern California
>>>> Laguna Niguel, CA
>>>> cell: 626-298-2262
>>>> 855-339-2248 x109
>>>> mike at electricyachtssocal.com
>>>> www.electricyachtssocal.com
>>>> Mike Gunning told me that a 5kW motor for an Alberg 30 would be about
>>>> $10,000 installed. Electric Yacht has already done five Alberg 30’s:
>>>> http://electricyachtsocal.com/find-your-boat/
>>>> David
>>>> new owner of #284 (as of yesterday)
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>>>> On Sep 22, 2015, at 11:28 AM, Wes Gardner via Public-List <
>>>> public-list at lists.alberg30.org> wrote:
>>>> Hi All,
>>>> I think I'd like to shake the hand of whoever upgraded my boat.  The wiring
>>>> has all been redone and secured in wire ties, the lower shrouds'
>>>> chainplates have the larger bolts, the mast support includes the aluminum
>>>> plates, the small thruhulls were changed out.  There is an issue with the
>>>> Perko battery switch in that no position turns off battery #1.  The switch
>>>> just parallels battery #2...odd.  I read recently about a boat that is
>>>> undergoing extensive deck recoring...ouch...mine seems to be dry as a bone
>>>> although my cockpit sole is soft.  Mine is a nonliner boat #196 and has
>>>> apparently been
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