[Public-List] Suggestions for pulling out injectors?

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    See what new injectors cost and compare that with getting the injectors 
redone at a commercial truck diesel injector shop. They are specialists that 
do this. Ask them what the easiest way to get things out and my suggestion 
is to either rent tools or buy the specific ones. The tolerances are so 
small that you cannot afford to damage the ports they go into in the block. 
Expensive injectors can be worth very careful extraction,  and transport 
them in a plastic bag with a seal on it. If they are throw-aways, be really 
clean on reinstallation.

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I'd like to pull out the 3 injectors on my Universal M3-20B diesel this
weekend. They have been in place since the engine was installed new in
about 2000, 1300 hours ago.

I'm expecting this job to be challenging. Westerbeke (maker of the engine)
recommends two special proprietary tools, which I'm investigating. I have
an understanding of various formulae and commercially available products
for dealing with stuck threads, but I wonder if any of you with experience
might have any other advice.

At this point, I'm assuming heat can't be used due to the presence of fuel
and the sensitive nature of injector mechanics.

Thanks in advance for your help!

Randy Katz
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