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Put a clipper bow on her with a "real" wooden bowsprit. 

The sprit comes in handy after you learn how to gibe the asymmetrical sail. Selden's sprit can be fitted with a roller furler on the end. To gibe furl sail and then deploy on the other side. 

Wes, with your set up I assume you don't attempt to gibe the A sail? Or do you have crew to go forward and walk it around? 


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I don't think a tube looks good on the bow of a classic boat such as the A30. I saw some carbon sprit (csprit?) that can be folded up and would imho look better, but this stuff is not cheap! I was thinking about (at some point) having a stainless steel sprit made that fits on the bow. 

However, after reading these posts I am thinking a sprit is not necessary at all, since people fly assymetricals 

PS I have had some trouble replying to messages, so if you did not receive a reply after you send me helpful suggestions for replacing my rigging, please let me know. I am going to actually do it later in September, right in time for the lighter fall and winter winds :) 
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