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Hi Daniel Sword,

I have installed two forward ports in Kilwinning #446.  If you want more
information and some pictures send me your email address.  

Jacques Dusseault
jdusseault at synergem.org
Kilwinning #446

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I would like to install a forward facing opening port in my forward cabin.
It looks like there is plenty of room for this and it would be nice to see
out toward the front of the boat from inside the cabin and it seems like it
would greatly improve ventilation (especially since my forward hatch
currently has limited opening accessibility). Has anyone done this?  There
are basically four styles, round (don't think I want that but that is what
Concordia yawls have), rectangular, oval, and elliptical.  Any advice on
what would look best?  Also, some are available in anodized aluminum (would
that match the original ports exterior trim?) or stainless steel (would that
look out of place next to the original ports?). Any reasons or concerns for
not doing this (e.g. Slope of the forward cabin top makes it impossible or
inadvisable, cabin wall is too thick in this area). Any comments or
suggestions will be appreciated. 
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