[Public-List] Replacing main halyard and topping lift, need lengths

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for some numbers. (Sorry that the "collaborate" section of the A30 site 
no longer works. I gave up fighting the spammers who were threatening 
the hosting of the entire site.)

60 feet of main halyard will probably work fine since the mast is about 
35 feet tall 
I'd feel more comfortable with a few extra feet, for eventual shortening 
and ease of handling single-handedly in a blow, but not at the cost of a 
custom-spliced halyard.

The leech of the main is 33.5 feet 
(http://alberg30.org/Assoc/Racing/sails.html). That plus the 35 foot 
tall mast, I'd likely go with 70 feet for the topping lift.

  - George

On 2/9/17 4:15 PM, Daniel Sternglass via Public-List wrote:
> Hello,
> I need to replace the topping lift and main halyard on my 1966 A-30. I
> am still using the spliced wire/rope lines, and I plan to continue, not
> worth the effort for me to re-work the block at the masthead or or
> change-out the original jib halyard winch. I'm a low-tech guy, at least
> with this old boat :-).
> Does anyone know the proper lengths for the wire and rope in these two
> areas? West marine offers 1/8" wire to 5/16" Sta-set line, 30' for each
> section. Can I use those? Seems like it might be short for the topping
> lift. I'll probably go for a 1/4" topping lift line.
> Thanks,
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